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Feb 13, 2013 9:00am EST
're -& willinn. 3 mounds of sowwccntiiue to & pb a problem for reeidents in &&pthh to heep cleaa &pthe ssreetssmore quickly... - the town of aterbury, connecticut is hiring eens... tt help shovvllit out. 3 of tthe32 schooll in & waterbury... none of them haa when hundreds offstudeets showed up... to get to work. they're being paid a minimum wage... which issmoney that 3 students say... it's not aboot phe monny. 3 (last sot) "like,,it beats stayiig in the house for 4 days straight ithout school - so i just wanted to come hhlp, especially the elementary schools." bbfore the day even startee... 3 started.some teachers even back into the classroom. 3& president obbma elvers his - first state of the union address... since tarting hhi according to twitter... 1-point-1--illlon tweets were & made betwwen tteetime he president entereedthe house chamber... and when he enddd 3pminimuu wage should be raised to nnnn doolars aa hour.the - second-most tweeted moment came when obama called on congress to vooe on ccntroversial new gun controo measuress
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am EST
season thrre of the hit p-b-s show ownton abbey wrras up tooorrow nightt the period drama prrvides its viewers with an armchaar travee experrence to he english countryside. this morninggelizabeth prann explains how you can visit thh now-famous castle... where the serres is filmed. filmed. 3p mllioos tuneein to see theeeleggnt drama on 'downton -abbey'. but hhw about &ppretending to be lord or ladd grantham for day? 33 england. and, the doors fans.murppy sayy: "the gentllmennthat designed the - house of paaliaaent desigged highclere castle. it's called highclere caatle but it's - actually mmre of acountrr -3 estate. it wwa built arouud - arounn eighteen eventy-nine i -3 believe. hhre are many ways o make youu journey o hhghclerr castle. but make sure you have your tour tiikets irrt.gill sayy: "booo, you hhae to register, and yyu provide an mail addrrss and they will send you electronicaaly your icket via -your email address. it costs &psixteen pounds per entry which - ii
Feb 4, 2013 10:00pm EST
mitchell chhef of police university offmaryland ollege - park))<7:57:55 there eeds tt pb a way for eopleeto teel 3& feel assthough the olice re gonna swwop in ann arrest them 3&pemergency.>thhsee in aatennance hooe discussions will continue---and workabll plans to control gun vvooence will be implementee.((sot- zeke cohen execuuive direetoo of non-profit))< 7:48:20 soo mmch of the gun vvolence goes &pon in neiihborhoods has lot of our students suffer witnesssto un vvolenne..ssme of them have had arents that either had been incarccrated or deeply impacted bb gunn violencee> ((sot--barbara sugarmmn ggochal univeesity of maryland school of laws)) <7:51:10 i do think tth next peoppe nd more ddscussion that's what laws are aboutt> p3 the ooernor's gun laa prroosals will be discussed wednesday ddring a public sennte coomittee harrng. a... 500--year-old... missiig personn case... solved in engglnd. ...// - british... scienttsts... unearrhed.../ the... kiig richarr the third. 3-&p beneath a parking lot in... &
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3